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Knol Design is a comprehensive visual communications agency. Through my team, I offer art direction and graphic design services, along with a network of successful brand, web, and marketing professionals—now entering my third decade. Spanning the nation, I have been fortunate to rub shoulders with Fortune 500 CEOs, best selling authors, and even a multi-billion dollar tech company. And, at the same time continue to produce effective graphic communications for the small business owner around the corner.

Lean, efficient, and accessible. Not layers of bureaucracy.

I deliver effective, contemporary, award-winning creative services as the perfect complement to your company’s marketing program—at a scale you decide. In my career, I’ve worked on everything from billboards to packaging to eBooks. 25+ years of experience means a very low learning curve, so in most cases we can hit the ground running. I place a high priority on building a familial respect for the client relationship, fueled by a passion to deliver exceptional results.

  • Identity Development
  • Brand Development & Support
  • Web Design & Interactive
  • Art Direction
  • Concept Development
  • Production & Expedition
  • Retouch Artist

Today’s, economic conditions demand that marketing dollars be stretched. Maybe it’s time you got a little more bang for your buck? Currently, brand startups, branding agencies, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small to mid-sized companies, are enjoying an advantage we create together. Find out if we’re a good fit. Contact me today.

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